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Tyler Ceccanti

sturdy fella

Tyler's favorite food is Pizza. Favorite movie is Super Troopers.
Favorite quote is "Life's a beach, I'm just playing in the sand" - Lil Wayne.
D.O.B. 04/10/89
Home mt.- Crystal MT, WA
SPONSORS: K2, Smith, Discrete, Spyder, Crystal Mt, FullTilt, Arcade belts.







1.) When was your 'breakout year' and how did it happen?

I would have to say my big break out year was 2008, I had a lot happen from being invited to RedBull Cold Rush, Competing in the Big mountain tour and filming for the first time with Warren Miller Ent.

2.) What have been some of your toughest challenges this past season? How did you overcome them?

Honestly the toughest challenge is trying to stay relevant in the industry, getting on film shoots pushing myself to learn new things while staying healthy. So many kids are out there crushing it and making a name for themselves all the time. I just try to train really hard in the off season by hitting the gym. That way when I do go out and try new stuff of need to hike a bunch for filming, my body is up for the challenge and I can push it.

3.) How has it been filming with Warren Miller Entrainment the last couple of years?

Filming for WME the last 5 years has been really amazing. I have got to go see so many cool and amazing places and meet new friends. Everyone over there is super cool and love to ski just as much as I do. Being able to go out and film with those guys and put it in a movie I use to watch as a kid is a real dream come true.

4.) Favorite Discrete product?

Vaston Beanie/ USA Tank top

5.) Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

Photographer Ian Coble Chris Benchetler Kevin Hart

6.) When and where did you learn to ski? Who did you learn from?

Learned to ski when I was 2 up at Crystal Mountain, WA

7.) Which athletes did you admire most growing up, and who do you look up to now?

After watching Seth Morrison in Ski movie 3 and Focused I knew what thats the type of skiing I wanted to do. Watching him charge bit mountains and sending huge backflips was really a big drive for me to get out there. Then came along the IDEA crew and just their flow in pow and playfulness everywhere had a big impact on me also.

8.) Sponsors?

K2 skis, Smith Optics, Discrete, Arcade Belts, Crystal Mt.