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Sierra Quitiquit

master frother

Born in the mountains, raised in the mountains and named after the mountains it's no wonder Sierra has a deep love for skiing. When Sierra's not out charging on skis she can likely be found in the surf, on a yoga mat, cruising on a skateboard or baking muffins. With a flair for mischief and fun Sierra is always seeking the next epic adventure.








1.) If you' weren't a pro athlete what would you be doing?

I'd have a local, organic restaurant and feed the world the goodness.

2.) When and where did you learn to ski?

My dad taught me when I was 2 at park city mountain resort.

3.) 20 years form now, what do you want to be remembered for?

Spreading positive vibes.

4.) Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram?


5.) Whats your go to Discrete item?

Knit beanie that I can't remember name of... Constant? Julian help

6.) What comes first for you; skiing or modeling?

Skiing. Always.

7.) Favorite Apre's spot?

Sierras special syzzrup in the Subaru at altar parking lot.

8.) Sponsors?

Spyder, Cushe, Oakley, Volkl, Bern, Alta and of course... discrete!