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Rachael Burks

the most rowdy female on planet earth

Have you met her? You should, she’s hilarious. Have you skied with her? You shouldn’t, she’s dangerous. Friends with Discrete since day one. She took top honors at the Red Bull Cold Rush in 2012 and is always hungry for the next adventure. She was part of Team Discrete’s back to back People’s Choice winning video from SKIING magazine for La Parva, Chile’s Eye Of The Condor competion.  She is currently headlining the movie Pretty Faces, she states, "I made that feature my bitch."  


Rachael Burks


1.) Favorite mountain to shred?

Alta, Snowbird

2.) What have been some of your toughest challenges this past season? How did you overcome them?

Last year was super difficult with the weather being a non-stop challenge. We'd show up where it was snowing and it would rain, or we'd show up where it was bluebird and it was ice. Just overall discouraging to keep showing up and have the elements kind of screw you over a bit when you're trying to film. Always a hell of an adventure, that's for sure.

3.) 20 years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

Being an inspiration to a bunch of shredder chicks.

4.) What's it like pursuing your passion as a career, how do you balance?

More computer work than you think is necessary! HAH! It pays off to actually sit down some times. Problematically I like to move around a lot and often times put off the necessary 'business' side of the job.

5.) Whats your go to Discrete item?

Doyonator ..... although it's about time Discrete created a Burksinator (insert giggle here)

6.) Once upon a time while filming with TGR you where buried under snow after hitting a 50+ cliff...What was that like?

ummm... at the time I was just disappointed I hadn't gone faster... I was hoping that no one was worried about me so much that they wouldn't let me go back up and do it again. Then I looked at the helmet cam and realized how long I was under and wasn't so stoked about that.

7.) Sponsors?

PeakPerformance, Dynastar, Look, Lange, Smith Optics and Helmets,, Discrete, Hestra, Badnanasbandanas, Aseda Raw Honey, BURNSLC, Alta, Snowbird

8.) What are your plans for the upcoming season?

I don't have any specific projects that I'm working on at the moment. So really just looking forward to being able to be a "YES" girl with any opportunities that arise! Definitely planning on getting some good powder days in at Snowbird and Alta!