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Owen Leeper

Resident Mutant

Owen Leeper was born in Aspen, and has lived in Colorado his whole life. He started skiing when he was four, and couldn’t get enough of it. He still can't. Recently, he's taken up residency in Jackson and is methodically back flipping his way through every big, little, classic and nasty line in the Tetons. Keep on leaping big O, we're enjoying the show.



How would you describe your skiing style?

Big mountain backflipper

How is it being new to the Jackson area, considering it's such a epicenter when it's good conditions, and you haven't hesitated to send all the zones, are the locals embracing you or what haha?

My first year i didn't really know anyone and skied a lot in bounds by myself. It wasn't until my season edit last year came out that anyone really saw what i was skiing. Just like any ski area, there are people that will hate you for skiing everything, but most people were stoked to show me around and have someone to push them as well.

What are your aspirations for the upcoming year?

There were a lot of lines in Jackson that were put on hold last year because of lower than hoped for snowfall, so i hope to tick off some more of the classic lines and airs around the resort.

What is your pet peeve?

People turning on cat tracks, or actually turning in general.

Tell us something random and interesting?

I asked for a trampoline for my 30th birthday.


Discrete, BOLD Poles, Icelantic Skis, Bolle, Jackson Hole, Lange/Look, BCA, Swany, Minus33, GoPro, HoneyStinger