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Kyle Dietz

Dude is trail running beast, watch out  for this guy.. both in kindness and fury.



1. How would you describe your mountain running style?

I'd say it's pretty wild, I like getting off trail to hit more technical terrain and scrambles. Blasting down routes is pretty enjoyable also.

2. How is it being a constant traveler, considering it's such a rowdy schedule with lots of locations to choose from/etc, what has your path been in life to have you where you are today running and training on the daily?

These past few years have been bonkers with traveling and racing all over. I definitely love the traveling side of what i do and seeing/meeting new people. I guess my path has just been hard work, if I'm gonna do something I'm going all in. I just don't see the point in half assing shit. If I'm gonna do something like mountain running I'm gonna totally submerge myself in it and I think by doing that it has definitely opened more opportunities for me. Very thankful for the life I live and for everyone who's helped me get here.

3. What are your aspirations for the upcoming season?

Just to do better in my races and compete at a higher level. My main focus is to just be more comfortable moving through the mountains since I don't live near any. Training smarter and learning the terrain more for sure.

4. Favorite people to train with? Compete against?

I usually train alone, I don't have any running partners here in Iowa at all really. When I'm on the road linking up with my dude Jason Eichhorst is always the best. Dude is very knowledgeable and we have a ton in common. As for competing it doesn't matter who I'm racing against cause I'm usually battling myself mentally that I block everything else out.

5. What is your pet peeve?

When my bed isn't made. Super OCD about the cleanliness of my casa.

6. Tell us something random and interesting?

I've prolly watched the movie Top Gun more than anyone in the world. My parents had to take it away from me as a child. Also I've had an obsessions with mountains since I can remember because they were the only things I could draw as a child. Not much has changed, I still only draw them.


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