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Julian Carr

Dude has long ass hair.

El Hefe. Julian pursues life in a multiple of capacities between skiing professionally and CEO of Discrete.; he is always on the go.  Julian is a mainstay in the action sports industry. From Warren Miller movies, to setting world record cliff jumps, you can't go a day without him popping up in a magazine in front of you or your social media news feed. Keep an eye out for him this fall in Warren Millers "No Turning Back". If you are lucky enough to ski with him (and keep up); may god be with you.



1.) You started Discrete Clothing in 2008 with a few simple beanies; How has it changed from then to now?

Haha, a very short answer that could be very long…. it's amazing to see how far we've come, but we have a long way to go. Always learning.

2.) Legend, Billy Poole, was a close friend of the Discrete family. How did he influence you?

In many ways. To give it all you've got, to encourage your fellow man, to support other people's successes and have a MASSIVE smile along the way.

3.) You once set a world record for the highest inverted cliff jump on skis. How do you mentally prepare for something like that?

It's hyper awareness. With yourself, your mind, the snow, the cliff, the electromagnetic energy we all share.. a beautiful meditation.

4.) Favorite people to follow on Instagram?

@parkercook @rachaelburks @fuckjerry

5.) Favorite Discrete item? Why?

The Vaston beanie. It's perfect for winter weather, but lightweight enough to wear out on the town. Plus it's perfect for under your helmet. Close 2nd is our new LINUX denim puffy casual jacket.

6.) Growing up, what did you want to do with your life? How has that changed from today?

I wanted to be a pro skateboarder and an astronaut. I think I'm on that same path, just a different sport.

7.) 20 years from now, how do you want the world to remember Julian Carr?

That I loved to ski and be creative.

8.) Sponsors?

Icelantic, Spyder, Gopro, Goal Zero, Discrete, Gordini,, Daleboot, Bern, Hi Ball, Snocru, Spy, Dissent, Mark Miller Subaru.