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Hagen Kearney


Hagen was Born in Buffalo, NY; He moved to his natural habitat of Telluride, CO in 2000.  He began competing  in freestyle and started to focus a lot on slope-style, thats when he broke onto the scene at grand prixs and Burton opens. After a knee injury in 2010, Hagen fell into Snowboarder-cross when the US Team came to Telluride for a training camp and for the World Cup stop. He was invited to ride with them and found his true talents resided in SBX . Fast forward a few years and you will now see Hagen on US Team making appearances at the winter olympics. Park rats; don't worry, Hagen is still riding park and shredding backcountry with his friends wether it be filming or mobbing on a pow day. "I love to also skate and play live shows with my metal band, Dogs Of Liberty. Oh and nothing is better than getting on my Harley and riding until the sun goes down. Rock on!" -Hagen






1.) When and where did you learn to snowboard? Who did you learn from?

1) I learned to snowboard in 2000 in Telluride, CO. I learned from my coach at the time, Jason.

2.) What has been your most memorable moment so far?

2) Most memorable moment in snowboarding was my first Heli trip in the North Cascades in Washington, first time in a helicopter and getting out of it to snowboard.

3.) What do you prefer park or backcountry?

3) Backcountry. But I love both.

4.) Favorite Discrete product?

4) Full mesh USA hat.

5.) Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

5) Thrasher and Chopper Swapper, haha not related to snowboarding at all.

6.) 20 years form now, what do you want to be remembered for?

6) I want people to say, "That dude rode fast.."

7.) Which athletes did you admire most growing up, and who do you look up to now?

7) I admired Shaun Palmer, Jamie Lynn, Tony Trujilo and John Cardiel, and I still admire those guys.

8.) Sponsors?

8) Discrete, Apex Snowboards