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Celia Miller

radical babe

Celia is a multi-talented young lady that is traveling the world as a professional snowboarder and holding it down as a business owner of a killer boutique in Breck.  She hails from Colorado and has sights on, amongst her filming, Dew Tour, X-Games, Grand Prix. We are a big fan of all things Celia. An impressive young lady! Get it!



1.) When and where did you learn to snowboard? Who did you learn from?

I learned to ride at my local resort in CT, which was more of a hill with some lifts. I got a job there selling lift tickets in high school and i think one of the rental shack guys from the resort lent me a board to try out one day.

2.) What has been your most memorable moment so far?

I have a few that stick out to me (funny enough they are all powder days) But going to alaska for tailgate a few years ago was pretty eye opening. I would really like to go back and do it again.

3.) What do you prefer, park or backcountry?

Easy, Backcountry.

4.) Favorite Discrete product?

I really like the womens constant beanie, Its a great cute hat to wear on and off hill.

5.) Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Instagram?

I follow a lot of animals and photographers, but comic ones like kookoftheday or thefatjewish can always get a laugh. Toastmeetsworld is a good dog one or harrlowandsage for some adorableness

6.) 20 years form now, what do you want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for continuing to inspire womens snowboarding possibilities in the backcountry and remind people that following your own path or passion is what will truly make you happy.

7.) Which athletes did you admire most growing up, and who do you look up to now?

I really liked girls like Natasha Zurich, Victoria Jealouse, and guys like Gigi, Romain De Marchi, MFM, DCP. Pretty much anyone in an Absinthe movie.

8.) Sponsors?

FlowSnowboards, Bolle goggles, Mons Royale, Hudsen Collective Gloves, Discrete Headware