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Andrew Muse

Inspired by Life, Driven by Passion.

Originally from Rowley, Massachusetts having never been further west then New York moved to Park City after high school to pursue his love for the mountains. After getting a taste for The Greatest Snow on Earth Andrew built a lifestyle that revolves around slashing the deepest pow, shredding terrain parks and going on epic adventures.



How would you describe your riding style?

Fun, Creative, Adventurous. I try to look at the mountain in a different way and use the natural features to get weird.

How is it being a local rider in Utah, considering it's such a rowdy mountain scene with lots of personalities/etc, what has your path been in life to have you where you are today riding on the daily?

Well, I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts. After high school not knowing what the hell I would do career wise I decided to follow my passion of being in the mountains and snow. I moved to Park City at age 17 not knowing anyone or having been further west then New York. That was 9 years ago. Now I have built a life I always dreamt about but never really though possible. I've worked incredibly hard and made a lot of sacrifices but I feel I have truly built a dream. I've always been unsure of an "After Life". The one thing I am sure of is that I'm here now and I might as well live this life to the fullest because chances are you only get one shot. Along this path I had several great job opportunities leading me away from this "dream". I decided to take a lot of risks and stick things out even though there were a lot of times I asked myself "What the hell am I doing". I truly believe if you are willing to work incredibly hard for what you want anything is possible.

What are your aspirations for the upcoming year?

GoPro picked up season two of my "Tiny Home Adventure" So I'll be traveling and filming 12 episode, chasing snow and adventures for the next 6 months. I am planned on spending some time in BC and AK. My aspirations are to step out of my comfort zone, ride some bigger lines, drop some bigger cliffs and positively influence as many people as possible.

Favorite people to ride with?

People who are trying to progress and having fun. Doesn't matter if you're the best rider on the mountain as long as you're having fun. If you not falling your not trying hard enough.

What is your pet peeve?

Being stagnant or bored.

Tell us something random and interesting?

I really enjoy playing chess.


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