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Amie Engerbretson

All original, hair whipper, ripper.

Amie first introduced herself to the guys at Discrete back in 2010, our first full year in business. How she heard about us all the way over in Tahoe is a mystery. We were all so stoked that this rad girl from Tahoe not only had heard about Discrete, but was stoked to "be on the team." She's been on board ever since. Yeah Amie!



How would you describe your skiing style?

Classic technique with a mix of fun and aggressive style. I have been complimented on my spread eagles!

How is it being from Tahoe area, considering it's such a epicenter when it's good conditions, but last few years have been tough.

Love skiing in Tahoe. Growing up, there was always something major going on in the ski world, and I think that constant excitement and inspiration really shaped who I am today and why I am a skier. With the past few years of slim winters, I have been forced to be on the road most of winter. It's a bit of a catch because I love exploring new places, yet I also long to just rip KT bell to bell! Let's just say I am really hoping for a good Tahoe winter, for many more reasons than just skiing.

What are your aspirations for the upcoming year?

Last year I got to film with Warren Miller in Alaska. This year I want to expand of those two things and really work on my big mountain film skiing wherever I can! Oh and some tricks, I really need to fill up my bag of tricks!

What is your pet peeve?

Aggressive bar putter downers... I love Euros, but give a girl a min before you smash her skull with a cold metal pole!

Tell us something random and interesting?

In college I was part of a competitive all girls hip hop dance crew called scratch. I have killer hair whips.

Sponsors and final thoughts?

Thoughts: Meow! Sponsors: Discrete K2, Flylow, Smith, BCA, Marker Bindings