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Alex Schlopy

There isn't a trick Alex can't do in the park. Name it and he will put it down. This guys is truly gifted on his skis. It is easy to see the passion in his riding. He has an X-Games Gold Medal, and World Championship under his belt. Look out for this guy because who knows where he will take the sport next.



How would you describe your mountain running style?

How is it being an athlete that focuses on long distance, considering it's such a rowdy schedule with lots of locations to choose from/etc, what has your path been in life to have you where you are today running and training on the daily?

What are your aspirations for the upcoming season? How stoked are you for expanding your spectrum with running in the Peak Series too?

Favorite people to train with? Compete against?

What is your pet peeve?

Tell us something random and interesting?