The Cirque Series is stoked to be in Alaska. Runners will be treated to views Turnagain Arm, descended back to the vendor village for, high-fives, music, food, beverages, and family and friends to root on all competitors through the finish area, Push Peaks!


 The 6.4 mile course begins at sea level with a very steep climb to 3,300 feet followed by a gradual ridge run topping out at 3,800 feet. Starting at the Sitzmark Bar & Grill the course takes runners up the Chair 3 work road for a brief warm up climb to 400 feet before descending Race Trail back to sea level and connecting with Tanaka Cat Road. Once at “TV Corner” runners will dive into the heavily wooded Max’s Mountain. The trail climbs through hemlock and spruce trees and is very cliché Pacific Northwest with moss covered fallen trees and loamy soil. The Max’s climb is very steep and runners will utilize all-fours in certain parts. When runners emerge from the trees they will be greeted with spectacular views of the Chugach Mountains and the Turnagain Arm. The mossy trail will turn into a rocky scramble on the final push to Max’s summit weather station. A scenic ridge run across the Headwall will continue to climb to 3,800 feet with a spicy section of exposure just before Alyeska Chute. Runners will start to descend the chute, a loose rocky mix, before connecting with Center Ridge and returning to a gravel single track on Silver Tip. This single track will connect back up with the cat road and runners will make their way back to the Sitzmark base area and the finish line.


Each competitor receives a Cirque Series hat, raffle ticket, & finisher medal.


*SPORT: This category is for people that don't have a ton of mountain experience, and wouldn't call themselves strong runners. But are ready to test themselves.

*EXPERT: This category is for people with a lot of mountain experience, consider themselves strong hikers with competent running skills.

*PRO: This category is for professional runners.

Aid Stations:

Two aid stations. Approx at mile 2, and mile 4.5. We will have yummy ProBar gummies & bars. Gnarly Nutrition electrolyte beverages. And water.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

The race organizers reserve the ability to cancel the event due to unsafe weather. Race organizers will make the best decisions when it comes to protecting the safety of all runners. This means we reserve the right to adjust, cancel, reroute, or reschedule as we see fit.

Because the bulk of our costs come before the event even occurs we will not be able to extend refunds to those who wish to cancel their registration. In the instance of mega wild weather we will assess things appropriately and fairly, to the best of our abilities. If the race is popular enough to create a waiting list, we will also treat your entry fairly with specifics TBD.

Race registration is non-transferable and cannot be rolled over to subsequent races, unless extenuating medical or life circumstances occur. We will always treat our community fairly but also ask that you be sympathetic about the realities of putting on a great event.


Results will be posted here 48 hours after the event.

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