July 3, 2015

Rachel Pohl- Shredding and Painting the Awe of it All


In a world where a moment is so easily captured through a lens, Rachel Pohl chooses to expresses every aspect of a moment with each stroke of her paintbrush. When you view her art, this becomes very evident as emotion emanates through her vibrant colors and details.

“Painting really resonates with me because I love to tell stories. I especially love to express the feeling of flow state, a complete absorption in the moment.” Rachel said.

Rachel’s love for drawing started early on in elementary school and her passion for artistry has yet to cease. Her art has progressed from colorful drawings of penguins to breathtaking paintings of untouched mountain scenery.

Not only is Rachel an immensely talented artist, but she can also shred with the best of them. This is how Rachel was able to meet up with the CEO of Discrete, Julian Carr. After Carr viewed her work, discussion of a collaboration ensued, and after a day on the slopes they both knew this collaboration was meant to be.

“We realized we had similar life philosophies, so working together seemed like a good fit. It's so sick having my work affiliated with one of my favorite brands.”

Rachel felt that Discrete’s brand was in line with her admiration for the outdoors and expression.

“I love that Discrete is durable, down to earth, expressive, and comfortable. It bridges the gap between my everyday style and outdoor activities.”

Rachel’s work can now be seen on several Discrete t-shirts. Her pieces that are featured on Discrete’s tees were all inspired by her favorite locations in her home state of Montana. In her pieces she combines all that she loves about Montana- rugged mountains, wild rivers, wild life, and sunsets.

“My aim was to capture that infinite feeling that arises from interacting with an awe inspiring environment.”

She definitely succeeded in her goal. Each piece not only captures this feeling, but let’s the viewer escape into her world of billowing clouds, fleeing light, and brilliant colors.

While a lot of her work is inspired by her backyard in Bozeman, Montana, it is Rachel’s dream to ski the backcountry of the U.S. and Canada. She hopes to create paintings that will tell the stories of these ski expeditions and express the magnitude of the feelings she experiences while immersed in nature.

Check out more of her work on her website and follow her journey on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Rachel Pohl, Emma Light Photography