August 17, 2015

Discrete Peak Series – Stop 1: Alta Ski Area

Dillon Green
We just wrapped up the Peak Series inaugural event. I approached race director, Julian Carr, to ask him what people should expect from the venue. He gave me a little grin and said, “I designed the courses to be short in distance with maximum elevation gain. Everyone will test their physical capabilities, both lungs and muscles, to the absolute 100% threshold until they reach the summit.” He was more than correct. The first stop of the Discrete Peak Series WENT OFF. People flooded in by the masses to Alta Ski Area and were treated to an epic race and a sick after party.  Congrats to JP Donovan and Emma Garrard won the mens and women's GoPro Peak Freak award for the fast male & female to the top of Baldy!  And they won the 'pro' categories 1st place for entire race as well.  What athletes! For full RESULTS: CLICK HERE. REGISTER NOW FOR STAGE 2: Snowbird (Sept. 5).

Every participant received a Discrete Peak Series Snapback. #RockDiscrete


The overall joy of the event and the atmosphere was overwhelming to all my senses. - Celia M.




What its all about.


JP Donovan on his way to victory with a freak-athlete time of 59:13.7.


Congrats To All Participants!

Mens Pro Podium.
1) JP Donovan - 59:13.7
2) Jason Dorais - 1:01:32.5
3) Brett Hales - 1:01:40.8IM20150809970Womens Pro Podium:
1) Emma Garrard - 1:20:09.9
2) Emily Harrington - 1:23:03.4
3) Jennilyn Eaton - 1:30:12.9
IM20150809964Expert Division Podium
1) Robert Steffens - 1:08:13.5
2) Justin Davies - 1:13:42.9
3) Pete Stoughton - 1:14:43.5
IM20150809956Expert Women
1) Katie Schide - 1:25:40.8
2) Katie Blanch - 1:28:19.9
3) Mali Noyes - 1:29:40.9IM20150809953Sport Division Podium
1) Mark Christopherson - 1:16:14.2
2) Darius Wilsey - 1:24:32.2
3) Riley Rose - 1:26:57.6
IM20150809949JP Donovan and Emma Garrard won the men's and women's GoPro Peak Freak award for the fast male & female to the top of Baldy!IM20150809939

Thanks to all sponsors for putting together an AMAZING Vender Village!


Look Forward To seeing Everyone At Stop 2: Snowbird!

Discrete Mtn Athlete Generic 02
STAGE 2: Snowbird (Sept. 5).
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