June 25, 2015

Chris Miller’s climbing expedition in Tibet

admin Chris Miller recently teamed up with some buddies in the Tibetan region of Sichuan, China in search of higher altitude. The trek to the remote Jar Jin Ja Bo mountain range unveiled picturesque views and a pretty serious alpine climb.

The adventure to the remote Jar Jin Ja Bo mountain range unveiled picturesque views.

Full rainbow backdrop and a formidable reminder of modern industries' effect on the environment.

A Buddhist monastery: base camp for the night. Nearly 6,000 of these immense structures were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.


Chris and his crew set out to a neighboring valley. After a couple days of scoping out a potential line, they are prepared for their push to the summit.

Mother nature poses a challenge: unprecedented hail during the initial ascent .The team hung in belay for some time, hopeful the storm would subside but eventually headed back to camp.

Once the storm cleared, these guys were back at it again.

4am wakeup and a full day of pushing physical limits- the crew finally reaches the summit before sunset for some awe-inspiring views.

For more on the Tibetan trip and Chris's many other adventures, check out his Instagram. Keep rocking Discrete!