Skiers and riders, are you ready to show us what you got?

The Alta Peruvian Video Challenge returns! Now in it's 2nd season, the Peruvian Lodge will be hosting the video contest every other Thursday starting January 21st and showcasing some of the best skiers & snowboards. Shoot and submit as often as you'd like for a chance to win rad prize packages from our incredible sponsors. Judging and awards party starts at 5PM at the Alta Peruvian Bar.


Round 6 prizes:

  • Salomon Ski Package
  • 6 Jackson Hole Ski Day Passes
  • 2 Alta Ski Area day passes
  • $50 Bohemian Brewery & Grill Gift Card
  • Power Practical Lithium 4400 + Luminoodle Plus
  • $100 Gift Card to KUHL +Spyfire Down Jacket
  • Case of Red Bull

Package Value: $1800


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Leo Ahrens – Mario Hit List – Round 6 WINNER

Filmer: Leo Ahrens

Round 6 winner and quite possibly one of the greatest edits of all time.

Davis Lentz – Salad Dayz 3

Filmers: POV, the boys, Mager

Miracle march has delivered and Alta is ripping! Another edit with the homies having a good time in the best place possible!
Riders: Davis Lentz, Tate Giddings, Mike Mastromarino

Michael Brzozowski

Filmers: Michael Brzozowski

Tell us about this video: Only friends on a pow day!
Riders: Brizzo, Jon Lame, Paul Beckmann, Ann Colvin

Wamas Media

Filmers: Wamas Media

Tell us about this video: Some content from the past few weeks at Alta Ski Area. Enjoy! Riders: Wamas Media x Drink Butter

Joey Campanelli – 1 Million Vert In 1 Year

Filmers: Joey Campanelli, Aaron Rice, Asher Lehrer-Small

Tell us about this video: A long journey to earning 1,000,000 vertical feet skinned or booted this season. We had a lot of good times. Here is a glimpse… The song is my own, me playing guitar to a drum recording. The video and pictures are mostly mine taken with an Iphone, a few pictures with my Sony A6000 and the four videos of me skiing were taken by Aaron Rice or Asher Lehrer-Small.

Ski edits all try to be more and more epic.
Fun is epic! Here’s some fun!

Riders: Aaron Rice, Jeff Wood, Alyssum Cohen, Miles Butts-Spirito, Joey Campanelli, Arron Dindorf, Curtis Freeman, Asher Leher-Small

Erik Leines

Filmers: Mostly my friends

Tell us about this video: I love to snowboard! Whether it’s my backyard, Snowbird or grandparents house at Alta..I’m always down to ride. Thanks for checking it out!
Riders: Bearakhan Leines with a guest Sled to Hottub jump by lil brother Ryder

David Berthiaume – Easter bunny does Alta

Filmers: All the Alta Homie's

Tell us about your video: Easter Bunny Sends Alta For The day.

Ian Hamilton

Filmers: Alex Mager

Tell us about this video: Had a blast doing a day at Alta and a day at Park City to combine pow and park. Spring in utah is unbeatable!! Riders: Ian Hamilton

Mica Brownlie – Hand Me Down Cam

Filmers: Mica and Friends

Tell us about this video: A year of stoke. Snowboarding pow and cliffs at the bird all winter, springtime month trim surfing in Baja, and a September Whistler downhill trip. Little bit of everything.

Mica Brownlie – Claims & Crashes

Filmers: mica

Tell us about this video: The ups and downs of riding and filming. The leftovers that don’t get shared enough. The B-Roll if you will. A video to keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.

Mica Brownlie – Alta Snowboard Team

Filmers: POV

Tell us about this video: As the title suggests, a stream of highlights from a season of headcamming. All Killa, no filla.

Isaac Legare

Filmers: Phil Ming

Tell us about this video: The 2015-2016 winter has been a good one at Snowbird. More storms on the way! Enjoy! Riders: Isaac Legare, Alex Mongold

Kysen Hall – Brighton

Filmers: Curtis, Ben, Mitch, Jeep, Kysen

Tell us about this video: Pulled up to Brighton last month and all the Millie’s were out. Decided to pull out the cam on the rollers and this is what we put together! Riders: Kysen Hall, Jeep Wanty, Mitch Reckinger, Ben Rotondo

Austin Bourret – Mid-Season Edit

Filmers: Austin Bourret

Tell us about this video: Some footage I put together over the last month of skiing up at Snowbird. It’s been a rad season.

Andrew Korpi – Silverton & Red Mountain

Tell us about this video: Couple of Alta skiers recently travelled to Silverton Mt and Red Mountain Pass. Filmers: Andrew Korpi Kat Torello

Austin Bourret – Snowbird Dreamin’

Filmers: Austin Bourret

Tell us about this video: Shreddin’ the gnar up at the Bird.

Patrick Spence – So Far

Filmers: Will Garner, POV

Tell us about this video: This video is filmed mostly at Brighton Resort and the surrounding backcountry, filming myself and some help from friends.

Chris Goodhue – Bozeman, MT

Filmers: Chris Goodhue, Tobias Goldman

Tell us about this video: Getting totally wicked this season in Bozeman, Montana. The crew went fast and got starchy. Riders: Toby, Chris, Davis, Keznie, Erich, Joey, Nolan, Seth and more

Mikey Mercier

Filmers: Mike Mercier

Tell us about this video: Shreddin’ The Bird

Rob Aseltine – Milly Style

Filmers: Rob Aseltine

Tell us about this video: The other day I took one run inbounds after a day of touring. These are all first hits on all these features this year and linked. Milly is the best!!!